About Us

About Us and Bookseat.

Our company Kimbrer-Ide has been around since 1986 and over the years has sold many different products. All of them have been; innovative and unique solutions to customer needs. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new products. We take on fairs at home and abroad several times a year, to be inspired and see what the new trends are.

"We will present solutions, not previously seen in Scandinavia."

Our company has the Nordic region as a platform with departments: Sarpsborg in Norway, Malmo in Sweden, which also manages sales for Finland, and of course here in Denmark that also sells to Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. This is the entire Nordic region our market, this is very proud of.

Reading cushion the Bookseat we found in a bookstore during a trip to Australia in 2010. We were curious and bought a home. We tested it and quickly realized it was something special. Nowhere in the Nordic countries was seen or thought that people should read their books "hand free", as relaxed as when listening to music or watching movies. We contacted the Australian company, and was the sole distributor for the Nordic region now have others also have the ability to read with a free hand. It is therefore a great pleasure for us to offer Bookseat and we hope you will enjoy it.

Good luck with it.

Yours sincerely


Kattinge Bygade 16B

4000 Roskilde

Phone: 46 40 12 95

Contact person: Merete Sjøgren